Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am Neha, I steal spoons

I am Neha, I steal spoons
I steal spoons from the kitchen
and store them in my room
in a chipped white bowl to be precise
7 spoons in the bowl
then I go to the kitchen
and watch people search for spoons
they look through drawers, cupboards and sinks
but they find no spoons

then I take it up a notch
and accuse people of stealing spoons
as they stutter and mutter in their defense
I chuckle in my head
for I am neha and I steal spoons


overturned blue shoe said...

Really? May be you should go one notch higher and start stealing spoons from every joint you eat at. You'll have a great collection of spoons at the end of it, not to mention many interesting stories!

Neha D. said...

Good plan, slightly worried about being barred from my favourite eating places though...have a feeling I would be a rather clumsy spoon-lifter.

Anonymous said...

I'm now glad that I didn't accept the invitation
to partake in the recent soup fest because
methinks that trying to consume aforementioned
soup with a knife and fork would have induced
some severe soup-rage...

Neha D. said...

Did i not mention the soup fest was a byos (bring your own spoon)?

In anycase, since I am Neha and I steal spoons, I have plenty and would have shared some with you in a heartbeat..

sigh...the things one has to do to ward off soup-rage...

Anonymous said...

You're like the robina hood of silverware, taking from
the spoon-rich and sharing with the spoon-poor..

It truly is a noble endeavour...

Maybe you can make spooning the national
pastime.. ? But make it evidently clear that the "spoon"
you refer to is the noun and not the verb
because otherwise "I steal spoons" takes
on a whole different meaning which might
severely limit your ability to go on camping trips
with friends in the future...

Neha D. said...

Loving the robina hood analogy, laughed for a bit, hope you got the LOL vibes I was sending in the general cuffe direction.

As for spoon being misinterpreted for the verb, it might actually serve a greater purpose than the noun - it would literally bring people closer together and I also strangely see my popularity in the camping circuit sky rocketing.

The verb has also made its way to becoming an integral part of India's national pastime. Let's just say that India didn't cross the billion mark by simply playing cricket.

Anonymous said...

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